• Borrow DUSD

Borrow DUSD


The minimum borrow amount is 50 DUSD.

Once you’ve deposited your MATIC collateral into the protocol you can borrow DUSD:

  1. Visit the Borrow page. Borrow page
  2. Click the Borrow button in the My Borrowed Funds section. Click Borrow
  3. Enter the desired amount of DUSD and click Borrow. Enter amount and click borrow You can borrow up to 66% of the value of your MATIC collateral. We suggest maintaining a borrowing below the threshold to avoid loan liquidation that may happen because of collateral price fluctuation.
  4. Confirm the borrowing transaction in MetaMask. Click Confirm in MetaMask
  5. Wait till Transaction in Progress changes to The Transaction in Complete!.
    Click Add DUSD to MetaMask and confirm the transaction. Click Add
  6. Click OK to go back to the Borrow page. Borrow page