• Provide Collateral

Provide Collateral

Connect Your Wallet

In order to provide collateral, first connect your wallet.

  1. Visit the Davos Dashboard.
  2. Click Connect Wallet. Click Connect Wallet
  3. Choose a wallet to connect. We recommend MetaMask. Click Connect Wallet
  4. Choose an account in your wallet to connect, then click Next Choose an account and click Next
  5. Click Connect. Click Connet
  6. Switch network to the supported one if Davos prompts you.

Provide Collateral

  1. Visit the Davos Dashboard.
  2. Click the + button in the Borrow section. Click + to provide collateral
  3. Enter the desired amount of collateral. The protocol will update with how much DAVOS you will be able to borrow with the provided amount of collateral. Click Provide. Enter amount and click Provide
  4. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask. Click Confirm in MetaMask
  5. Wait a few moments till the Transaction in Progress changes to The Transaction is Complete!. Click OK
  6. Click OK to go to the Borrow page and see your provided collateral and borrow DAVOS. Davos Dashboard