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The Davos Apex Adventure

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May 21, 2024
Community News


There is always an adventure to be undertaken in the complex world of DeFi. That is why we at Davos are calling forth the adventurous spirit of our community and the mystique of the mountains to introduce a new challenge.

We are elated to introduce Peaks, our upcoming rewards system. This latest step in our journey is meant to incentivize the Davos ecosystem, kindling the adventurous spirit of all our users.

Every interaction, every transaction, and every moment dedicated to Davos brings you closer to earning more Peaks, unlocking a treasure trove of rewards. The more users deposit, mint, stake, and LP within our protocol, the quicker they can reach the Apex.

Let's explore how you can climb the Davos Peaks right from your fingertips and reap the maximum rewards possible.

The Davos Expedition

Davos will offer a variety of avenues for users to earn Peaks, each tailored to incentivize different interactions within our platform. There are four primary tasks users can engage with to earn Peaks and begin their journey to the Apex:

  • Depositing Assets (LSTs, LRTs, and Stablecoins)
  • Minting DUSD
  • Providing liquidity to pools
  • Staking DUSD
  • Future Campaigns


First Mission: Setting Up Base Camp

To prevent a rocky start to our journey, let’s first plan our trip and make sure the ground is stable and the weather favorable. To bring stability to the Davos mountain base, it’s essential for our community to deposit a collateral for DUSD.

Users will accrue Peaks daily for assets kept deposited on the Davos platform.


Second Mission: Preparing for the Ascent

Bringing the right equipment for the climb is crucial. Let us suit up, adjust our compasses, chart our path on the map, and bring DUSD in case of an emergency.

Users will receive Peaks daily for each DUSD they hold.


Third Mission: Starting the Uphill Journey

We are finally ready to start our climb. As we make our way from the Davos basecamp into the mountain ranges, the terrain gets steeper and we are faced with unexpected dangers. Fortunately, with sDUSD on our side, we can face the adversities head-on.

Users will earn Peaks daily for each DUSD they keep staked in the DUSD Savings Rate. On top of Peaks rewards, our sDUSD program offers users a predictable 5% in returns due to the redistribution of revenues generated by Davos Protocol.

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Fourth Mission: Replenishing at Mountain Springs

As we travel through the rocky terrain of the mountain range, we reach a watershed moment where the view unfolds magnificently before us. Here is a critical hydration station—the Davos liquidity pools—where climbers can refuel.

Every contribution to these pools bolsters our resources and strengthens the entire ecosystem, similar to the revitalizing effects of a well-deserved rest during a climb. Looking ahead, the trail will have even more such stations, providing sufficient opportunities to refill and refuel as we strive for the top.

For more details on these energizing stops, visit the Davos Earn Page.

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Fifth Mission: Reaching the Summit

We have finally reached our goal: sitting atop the Davos summit. However, there are other tops to explore in the mountain range.

Our team is planning extra missions, so stay tuned for upcoming campaigns with other protocols and blockchains. These extra missions will enable bold climbers, those unafraid to explore the deep valleys of DeFi, to compound yield rewards from other protocols and explore other chains on top of Davos’ Peaks.

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Becoming a Master Climber

Who said mountain climbing was easy? While some may falter along the way, the most daring and adventurous users are sure to make it to the top of our program.

Reaching the summit is as arduous as it is rewarding, as it will give our community eligibility to participate in future ecosystem opportunities. Each step taken will bring forth a more thriving DeFi ecosystem.

New Campaigns and opportunities will continue to emerge, offering climbers fresh opportunities to scale new heights and discover uncharted territories.

So, grab your gear, summon your adventurous spirit, and join us on this exhilarating ascent! Visit Davos today to begin your journey to the top!