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Unveiling DUSD: Davos Protocol's inflation-proof stablecoin, embracing liquid staking for scalable yield

By establishing a robust base using a stablecoin resistant to inflation, users can create a firm foundation for their investment portfolios’ expansion, consistency, and enduring viability.




Total DUSD Borrowed

DGT, the governance token of Davos Protocol, empowers holders to shape the monetary policy of DUSD stablecoin.

How it works?


Davos Protocol accepts Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) as collateral for borrowing the DUSD stablecoin.

Participate in shaping DUSD monetary policy by locking DGT in 80-20 Balancer Liquidity Pools.

Exercise your veDGT voting power on Liquidity and Borrowing Gauges, influencing yield distribution and incentivized borrowing across diverse collateral pools.

A safeguard against inflation, preserving wealth and purchasing power

  • Stake or lend DUSD

  • Provide DUSD liquidity to DEXes paired with other stablecoins.

  • Earn more DUSD or DEX rewards.


Representing the minimum DUSD borrowing rate at the higher of the CPI Annual Change or Central Banks’ reference rate.

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Govern the protocol's monetary policy via the DGT governance token

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