• Roadmap

Davos's Roadmap

Development and release of new features and functions will be carried out in phases:

1. Take over the Polygon Chain

  • Increase DAVOS adoption by collaborating with DeFi protocols on Polygon Chain and influencing reward emission using native tokens from multiple DeFi protocols.
  • Maintain peg by actively incentivizing with DGT tokens the DAVOS liquidity pools across Decentralized Exchanges.
  • Allow other DeFi projects to build on top of DAVOS and uncover DeFi composability potential, allowing DAVOS stakeholders to increase their returns.
  • Increase DAVOS supply to $1 billion.

2. Governance and Expansion

  • Turn on the DAVOS single-stake pool.
  • Davos Protocol is being extended across many chains.
  • Start the Davos community governance process.
  • Other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) tokens may be used as collateral.

3. Widespread Adoption

  • Get listed as basic pairs on centralized exchanges.
  • Integrations with popular FinTech apps for daily use.